Welcome to the online home of People, Places & Things Photography. This isn’t a commercial site as yet but is just a place where I can post photos, articles, product reviews and links that may be useful to photographers of all levels. The image galleries range form travel photos to family gatherings. They are grouped and labeled, so you don’t need to wade through my daughter’s wedding to find pictures of a particular cruise ship or Alaska. The articles are meant to be informative and I try not to pontificate or play the fanboy but keep in mind that I distinctly said “try”. I will only review equipment I own and though it is generally photo gear, I may occasionally review other items that photographers might find interesting. As for the links, I’ll point to other sites that I think are worthwhile, interesting reviews of stuff I don’t own, and the occasional shiny object that caught my attention.

Click through and enjoy. It’s free and though you may find an ad here or there, using the links to purchase an item is purely voluntary and any small commission I might collect as a result won’t increase the price you pay. You also shouldn’t worry too much about my need to provide shelter and food for my family.

Happy Shooting!